Be Aware Fraud Alert
  • We do NOT sell mobile phones online.
  • We offer a price comparison service only.
  • We do NOT accept payment through Western Union Money transfers.
  • We do NOT ship through UPS, DHL or FedEx.
  • We do NOT have offices in any other country.
  • We do NOT use Mobile Phone numbers for communications with customers.
  • We do NOT sell 500 handsets for 150.
  • We do NOT work in US Dollars or Euros.
  • We do NOT have offices in Nigeria, China or Romania.
  • We do NOT sell Digital Cameras or Laptops or anything else like that online.
  • We do NOT advertise on Gumtree.

Recently there have been several individuals on forums, and even complete websites using

our company details to defraud individuals, they provide non UK phone numbers and ask

for payment through Western Union, this is a warning for all.  If you are a victim of this, then

we recommend you contact your local police station.

Our actual websites are and which provide an impartial price comparison service only.

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